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Pledge your support for Indiana’s traditional public schools.

Thank you for taking the ICPE Candidate Pledge. The majority of Hoosiers support our traditional public schools and voters will be glad to know that you do, too! Fill out the form below and we will be in touch soon! 

ICPE Candidate Pledge


As state-level elected official, I pledge that I will:

☑️  Prioritize traditional public schools when funding education.

☑️  Reject any proposed universal voucher systems.

☑️  Reject further expansions of voucher programs (Indiana Choice Scholarship Program, SGO scholarships, the Indiana Educational Scholarship Account Program, etc.).

☑️  Support fiscally conservative spending caps on voucher programs.

☑️  Ensure a consistent standard of transparency, accountability, and oversight for all entities receiving K-12 funding from taxpayers.

Why sign the ICPE Candidate Pledge?

  • The vast majority of Hoosier families choose traditional public schools for their kids. It is where all children are accepted and educated. With this pledge, you stand with Hoosiers who love and support their local public schools.
  • Private voucher schools, microschools, and charter schools can take public tax money but they don’t have to adhere to the same laws of transparency and accountability. Hoosier kids deserve better. Your pledge demonstrates your understanding that the best use of taxpayer money is supporting schools that serve all children, that are accountable to their communities through elected school boards. 

  • You will receive a celebratory graphic highlighting your pledge, showing constituents that you stand with public schools, not special interest privatizers

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