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The vision of the bipartisan Indiana Coalition for Public Education is to advocate for high quality, equitable, well-funded public schools for all children that are subject to democratic oversight by their communities.


Our mission is to be a strong, convening voice for public education advocacy in Indiana.


  • Our children deserve a single, well-funded system of public schools.
  • Public schools are essential for educating our citizens and maintaining our democracy. They must not be privatized.
  • True public schools serve all students within a given geographic area, are governed by a democratically elected local board and follow teacher certification requirements and financial reporting requirements.
  • Public schools are not business ventures; they are the heart of our communities with the responsibility to educate ALL children.
  • Local democratic control of education assures that schools are accountable to the communities they serve.
  • Public tax dollars should be focused on the K-12 education of public school students.
  • Schools thrive by developing mutual respect and cooperation among parents, students and school personnel.
  • Teaching, learning, and growth cannot be quantified by standardized tests alone.
  • All children should have access to a full, vibrant curriculum.
  • Assessments should be designed and used to support children, teachers, and schools.
  • Teachers and administrators are professionals and deserve our support.
  • Indiana communities benefit from excellent public schools.

ICPE Board

Our bipartisan board reflects ICPE’s commitment to supporting public education in Indiana. Our board members serve or have served our Hoosier communities in a variety of ways. Our board is comprised of educators, principals, superintendents, state superintendents, legislators, equity advocates, parents, attorneys and business professionals.

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