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Calling legislators is often the most effective way to share thoughts on a specific issue or bill. If you don’t know who your state legislators are, click “find your legislator.” For some specific calls to action, you should also call the governor or specific committee chairs to let them know your thoughts. Click the committee buttons below and you will see who is on each committee (click the “+” sign next to “members” to see who is on the committee and make calls.

What should I say?

Check our blog or social media for current calls to action. We provide the key points, bill numbers and who to contact. Here is a basic script:


Ask switchboard operator to speak with Senator/Representative (Name) or their legislative assistant.

The person will ask for your name and contact info. They may ask if you are a constituent. 

I’m calling because _______ (I’m a concerned parent, teacher, citizen, etc) and I’m urging Senator/Representative (Name) to oppose/support (bill number).

Explain why in less than three sentences.

Be polite and kind in your language and tone, but make sure they know where you stand. 

Say thank you.

You’re done! Now tell others what you did! Share your advocacy actions on social media!

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