ICPE Legislative Scorecard 2022

How did your elected representatives do?

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The ICPE Scorecard (formerly known as the ICPE Report Card) was created by the bi-partisan Indiana Coalition of Public Education and is produced in election years. We are not issuing letter grades this year. Rather, we are simply sharing with you how incumbent legislators voted on bills that were important to Indiana’s public schools. Since ICPE primarily focuses on issues relating to privatizing public schools, we base the scorecard on bills from recent legislative sessions that:

  • diverted taxpayers’ money away from public schools,
  • damaged public control of education, or
  • either supported or harmed public education

ICPE urges voters who value public education to use the information in this legislative scorecard as they decide how to vote. Click below to see past versions.

2022 Legislative Scorecard

2020 Legislative Report Card

2018 Legislative Report Card

2016 Legislative Report Card



We love our public schools* and we vote. This is the message we must take to the voting booth as a focus in all elections– local, state and national. There has been a bipartisan attack on our public schools and it will take a bipartisan effort to stop it. We must defend, not defund public education. Know where your candidates stand on public education issues and vote to support our students, teachers and communities.


#VotePublicEd also looks beyond the election: it’s an ongoing challenge to hold our elected officials accountable for making votes that benefit our students and public schools once elected.


These short-term objectives will enable us to achieve our long-term goal: high quality, equitable, well-funded public schools, subject to democratic oversight by their communities, for every single Hoosier child. Achieving this goal will ensure that our communities and our students thrive.


*Our organization does not consider charters or so-called “innovation schools” to be public schools, though they are called that in state law. Charters and “innovation schools” do not share the following accountability requirements with public school districts: 1) to serve all students within a given geographic area, 2) to be governed by a democratically elected local board (“innovation schools” are outsourced within districts, while charters appoint their own boards), and 3) to follow the full body of state education law, including teacher certification requirements and financial reporting requirements.

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