Mark your calendars for Presidents’ Day on Monday, February 19th and bring your friends and family to ICPE’s Day of Action. This legislative session has been a scary preview of what is to come next year when the legislature debates the budget and determines their priorities. We are deeply concerned about a proposed universal voucher scheme that could mean less accountability and more funding of the supermajority’s plan to privatize our public schools.

Monday, February 19, 2024
Presidents’ Day
10:00am – 12:00pm
Indiana Statehouse
3rd Floor Atrium – South
200 W Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46204

 Link to Facebook Event (please invite your friends)

We know that going to the Statehouse is a big ask, but your time and presence MATTER. We are joining together with other organizations and advocates to remind our legislators that we are united in support of our public schools. Public schools are where we come together and learn to appreciate and respect our differences. Public schools are where children learn to be responsible citizens and informed voters, and where children of every background, every language, every nationality, every religion, every ability and all incomes are welcome. Now more than ever in these divisive times, we need public schools to bring us together.

We will have a wonderful lineup of speakers including teachers, parents, and community leaders about the fight for public schools and what our kids need. We are excited to stand united and hear from these friends of public education:

What’s the Action?

✅ Make an appointment with your legislator ahead of time, if possible. We don’t have the capacity to make these appointments for you, but if you need help, here’s how. If you can’t get an appointment, you might be able to see them in the lobby or even at our event. Also, we will have a postcard and letter writing station so you can write them a message.

✅ Review our helpful information for going to the Statehouse

✅ Read and print our talking points. We will also have copies at our event.

✅ Share on social media and tell friends and neighbors what you did! Check out our social media template.

We must UNITE for our public schools, for our students and for our democracy.

See you at the Statehouse!

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