Show your public school pride!

by | Jan 21, 2021 | ICPE News, Merch, Public Schools Week 2021

What do we need? Actually, lots of things. But one of them is visibility. We need people to see there are public school supporters all over the state. The General Assembly loves to believe that ALL parents in Indiana are clamoring for more private school options (hence their bill to remove the income limits on vouchers and another bill to permit “education savings accounts” to give parents a debit card to spend on education however they see fit). Passing either bill would deplete the funds for public schools — even more than vouchers do now.

Since 90% of Indiana students attend PUBLIC schools, we should outnumber those in private schools by a ratio of nine to one. (I learned that in my public school education.)

Show your public school pride, by ordering one of our new ICPE shirts. You can order them in all sizes in either a T-shirt or sweatshirt – or both.

We are pleased to partner with Bad Knees Tees (owned by a former teacher) on these shirts. If you catch the first wave and order by Feb. 1, you can have a shirt in time for Public Schools Week Feb. 22-26, but feel free to wear them EVERYWHERE and ANY TIME!

Our partnership with Bad Knees Tees will continue beyond Feb. 1, and we will rotate in new designs as needed. ICPE receives a donation from Bad Knees, so you’re helping ICPE – and an Indiana business.

Here’s a link to the page.

A special shoutout goes to ICPE members Jess and Chris Bowyer for volunteering their time and talent to help with shirt designs! Thank you!


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