It’s Public Schools Week!

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Public Schools Week 2020

This week is Public Schools Week!

Let’s celebrate the great things happening in our public schools Every. Single. Day.

Ways you can participate and show your support:

1)  Use the Public Schools Week profile frame on Facebook: (Select “Public Schools Week 2020 by Network for Public Education)

2)  Take the Public School Pledge here:

3)  Contact your local school board member to say thank you. Elected school boards are what make public schools public.

4)  Share your photos, videos, drawings from kids, and other testimonials on why you are #PublicSchoolProud and use the hashtag!

5)  Continue to shout your love for public schools from the rooftops after the week is over. So often the message we hear is that public schools are “failing.” We can never do too much to combat this harmful and incorrect narrative. Celebrate your schools every day in small ways and big.

Thank you for your support and advocacy for our public schools!

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