Come to the Statehouse to speak up for our public schools next Thursday, March 16th. Plan to arrive by 10am. The School Funding Subcommittee begins immediately following the session that morning, but we have no idea how long that session will go. You must sign up ahead of time to speak at the School Funding Subcommittee meeting at this link here. The link may not be available until 24 hours before–be persistent in checking.

While Indiana’s public schools are faced with historic teacher shortages, budgets that don’t cover the kids with the highest needs, and costs associated with inflation rates that are sky-high, our legislature is prepared to increase spending on private school vouchers by 70% ($1.1 billion) compared to a 5% increase for traditional public schools. Nearly 90% of Hoosier kids attend public schools, while 7% are in voucher schools. 

That makes no sense.

By increasing the voucher income limit to $220,000 for a family of four, 400% above the federal poverty limit, Indiana will be paying for wealthy families who can already afford to pay their private school tuition–and do. To give that some context, under our current system, if a family of four earns more than $30,000 they are considered too well off for their children to qualify for free pre-K or free lunch.

That makes no sense. 

While public schools struggle to fund building improvements and provide things like transportation for students, this proposed budget gives charter schools a new stream of operations funding at the expense of traditional public schools. Charter schools are not subject to the same budgetary oversight and accountability as traditional public schools. 

That makes no sense. 

Public schools are the heart of our communities and serve all children. Public funds belong in public schools.

Anything else makes no sense.

If you have never testified at the Statehouse before, we will offer a training session via Zoom on Monday, March 13 at 6pm. Sign up by emailing us at

Learn more specifics about testifying at the Statehouse at this link.

Now is the time to walk the walk! Our legislators need to hear from you. The newspapers need to quote your testimony or note your presence. Be on the record for public education. Also you should wear a public education t-shirt or button if you plan to simply attend and witness!

Thank you.

P.S. You can also check out ICPE’s Vimeo channel to see some clips of people who have testified in the past.

Below are a few snapshots of everyday citizens (parents/caregivers, teachers & students) in action:

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