Indiana’s Choice is a just-released documentary demonstrating how school choice policies in Indiana segregate students and discriminate against both students and faculty.

All of us owe a huge thanks to the documentary producers: Alan Backler, David Gudaitis, Larry Laswell, educator and author Phil Harris, and Steve Hinnefeld, author of the School Matters blog. We also owe huge thanks to ICPE of Monroe County members; you’ll see several of them in the documentary.

Indiana Coalition for Public Education is honored to be among the organizations co-sponsoring Indiana’s Choice.

School choice has had troubling consequences for the Indiana K-12 public school system. Through the eyes of the teachers, students, administrators and parents who have been on the front lines of an education policy experiment, Indiana’s Choice shows how charter and voucher schools, paid for with public tax dollars, evade accountability by elected officials and the public. Choice policies are hurting our public schools.

As the trailer concludes: “What we are fighting for is the soul and foundation of our democracy.”

You can watch it:

  • Online at this link.
  • Get a sampling by watching the trailer this link or see it below.
  • Or schedule a showing for your group:  A high resolution version suitable for showing in theaters is available on request. To arrange a public screening, e-mail

Indiana’s Choice was made by Gudaitis Productions in Bloomington.

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